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Encyclopedia is coming on Kickstarter! Click this link to get to the project’s page.

Here is a quick FAQ for our community and Creatures backers.

► What is the Encyclopedia ?
Encyclopedia is a 360-page lore book for your 5th Edition campaign, including dozens of ready-to-use cities, locations, NPCs, plot hooks, and magic items for your next game session.
This toolbox is perfect for veteran game masters who want to level up their homebrew campaign, as well as for beginners seeking readily usable content to begin their first campaign. This book can also be used as a campaign setting to play in a universe steeped in Sword & Sorcery and portraying colorful civilizations.

► I only got Creatures during the previous Kickstarter, but I am now interested in the other Fateforge books and would like to get them. What is my best option?
Take a look at the “Fateforge 5E Deluxe Collection” reward tier for $170. If you only have Creatures yet, this reward tier includes all the items you don’t have, without any doubles. It notably includes the series’s three other books: Adventurers, Grimoire, and Encyclopedia.
Alternatively, you can also just get “Encyclopedia: Printed Version” for $40 and get the rest of what you want during the post-campaign pledge manager phase.

► I have backed the Creatures Kickstarter with an All-In pledge. How can I make sure I’ll get everything new without any doubles?
Get the “Encyclopedia: Collector Pack” reward tier for $70, as well as the “Box” addon for $20, and you’ll be all set! That way, you’ll get the new book in the edition of your choice, all the new items, and all the stretch goals unlocked.

►I am a Creatures backer. Will I get my Encyclopedia rewards delivered simultaneously if I back this new Kickstarter?
Absolutely, that is our objective. All your Creatures and Encyclopedia rewards will be delivered at the same time—in June/July, based on the latest information from our manufacturers. As a Creatures backer, you will be credited $15 during the pledge manager phase to cover the extra shipping fees.

► I am a Creatures backer. I read that I could get a credit of $15 for this new project. How can I obtain it?
You’ll get it automatically! A credit of $15 will be added to your Encyclopedia pledge manager account right after the end of the Kickstarter. Note that you must use the same Kickstarter account (same e-mail). These $15 will cover extra shipping fees, since your Creatures and Encyclopedia rewards will be sent at the same time, at the beginning of summer.

► Certain options like the Creatures Box (Pawns) or the scenarios are not available. How can I get them?
The Encyclopedia Kickstarter itself only features part of the available options. Other options—such as the Creatures Box—will be available during the pledge manager phase, in limited numbers, for logistical reasons. Most of this campaign’s items are already in the process of being manufactured in order to ensure that they can be delivered in July.

► I took the All-In pledge during the Creatures’ Kickstarter and I now feel like I paid more than backers who’ll pick the “Fateforge 5E Tetralogy Collection” reward tier for this campaign. Is this the case?
It’s actually the opposite, since Creatures’ All-In reward tier had many more items: The Butterfly’s Dirge (Print + PDF), The Chronolith (Print + PDF), a set of 4 Battlemaps (Print + PDF), and the Creatures Box (with 200 pawns)… and that’s without mentioning all the stretch goals gathered in the Treasure Box, whose total value is more than $100 ^^ In our eyes, it is normal that early supporters get the best deals.
Note that for anyone who might be interested in getting the complete Fateforge collection, the aforementioned items will be individually available via the pledge manager.

► I am a backer at “Encyclopedia: Collector Pack” (or a higher reward tier). How do I select the covers I want for my books?
You will choose between Standard or Red Dragon edition during the pledge manager phase, after the Kickstarter ends.

► Will I be able to upgrade my reward tier during the pledge manager phase?
Yes, you will be able to do that.

► How can I add addons to my pledge?
Once you have chosen your reward tier, you will get to select addons via a new page. Note that all these addons will also be available during the post-campaign pledge manager phase. This post-campaign pledge manager phase will also gives you access to new add-ons and limited edition Fateforge items.

► I am a retailer, can I back this project?
Yes! If you are a retailer, you can select the $100 “Retailer” reward tier as a deposit. You will be included in the post-campaign pledge manager phase, at which point you will be able to acquire all the items from this campaign with a retail discount (50% off MSRP). You will be billed for the balance of your order at the time of delivery. To support independent retailers, we offer free delivery :)

If you want to learn more about Fateforge, you can freely download several files on DrivetrhuRPG here.


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