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Hello everyone!

Via the current Kickstarter, you can get a Fateforge-specific Virtual TableTop (VTT) "Tetralogy" bundle for Foundry and Roll20. 
In case you are not familiar with VTTs or are wondering what this pledge features, we wrote this article for the sake of making things clearer. Hopefully, it will answer any questions you may have ;)

What's a VTT?

VTTs (Virtual TableTop) are online platforms, often featuring dedicated apps, which enable long-distance tabletop role-playing.
Note that they are not video games, but instead an interface to play traditional role-playing games such as Fateforge on a virtual support.

Players use virtual character sheets where skills, experience, etc. are automatically calculated, make virtual dice rolls, and can enjoy beautiful visuals (the location of an ongoing scene, NPC portraits, etc.), as well as immersive sound effects and background music!

The DM, meanwhile, has plenty of tools available for easier DMing and faster preparation: automated combat, automated NPC stat calculation, as well as interfaces to customize displays, show NPCs, design maps and plans for locations that can be hidden or revealed with a simple click, etc.

As a rule, the platform provides a basic interface for playing, but not everything is automated.
The advantage of acquiring a Fateforge VTT bundle such as those available via the present campaign is to have all the Fateforge rules readily available and automated, as well as tailor-made assets such as character portraits in the same style as the books', soundsets, and much more.
And with a game like Fateforge where there are many minute rules to remember and values to keep track of, believe us, it makes the DM's job that much easier, saving considerable time compared to an IRL game, and making for much smoother gameplay, particularly during fights!

Available VTTs

Foundry is a paid software ($50), which must be installed by the DM hosting the game. Players can join the game via an online interface. Foundry is used by many seasoned DMs with experience in programming, since it offers high customizability for whoever can code.

Roll20 is an online platform. It has a free version with certain limitations such as limited data storage and the inability to upload your own character sheets. A subscription is required to access advanced functionalities, starting from $6/month (less for a yearly subscription) for the whole table, since a subscribed DM can share such functionalities with the players of the games they host.

What Does the Fateforge VTT License Include?

The Fateforge VTT license features a complete, optimized VTT port of the following books: Adventurers, Grimoire Vol. 1, Creatures Vol. 1, and Encyclopedia Vol.1. Available for Foundry and Roll20.

This means, for instance, that all the Fateforge content contained in the aforementioned books is split into easy to use segments. The major difference between a PDF and a VTT is that when playing without a VTT, you have to roll the dice, calculate how the result was modified by the character's abilities, equipment, and circumstances at play, look up rules, etc. When using a VTT, everything is organized and automated. All you need to do is click the stat to roll, and the software handles everything, from rolling the dice to calculating modifiers.

DMs can easily choose what they want to share with their players (and what they don't). Creature tokens are ready for use, complete with matching stat block and art for each creature. Every profile has its own fully original Fateforge art, and B&W art was even colored for extra quality and harmony.
In short, no effort was spared to make Fateforge as user-friendly as possible in a VTT environment!

What Does the Fateforge VTT License Not Include?

Though it may seem obvious, it bears mentioning: the license does not include a subscription to the concerned platform, nor does it come bundled with the relevant software.
In addition, normally, the PDFs of the books ported to VTT are not included as part of the license. By default, when you purchase a VTT module, all you get is its port to the platform at hand. However, we have decided that for the duration of the Kickstarter, PDFs of the books come bundled with the VTT license, in order to celebrate the availability of these modules. A nice opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and get the PDFs in addition to your license, at no extra cost!

And there you have it! We hope that this gives you a better idea of this license's applications and of how much simpler it makes a DM's job when managing Fateforge sessions!

To find out more, visit our Kickstarter page. If you have any other questions, feel free to send them our way on our Discord, in the comments of our ongoing Kickstarter, or to our support service :)

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