The Fateforge

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The Fateforge is one of the most important entities—if not the most important entity—of the world of Eana. Its designs are inscrutable as they are far-reaching, and its powers are immense, capable of reshaping entire aspects of creation. But only the boldest, mightiest heroes get to make use of its world-changing capabilities.

What is the Fateforge?

The Fateforge is a mystical place situated on Eternity, the smallest and most distant of Eana’s moons. Reaching this faraway satellite is, by itself, an incredible feat only possible by dint of a great mastery of magic or by taking one of the Travelers’ legendary Ateak portals. Few in the history of Eana have been capable of such an exploit.

and fewer still have proven themselves up to the task of crossing the Maze, amidst with the Forge itself is located. This labyrinthine construction of cyclopean size seems to have been built for the express purpose of testing aspirants. Whoever intends to overcome it has a grueling task ahead of them, with many dangers of epic proportions to survive and the unforgiving judgment of ageless sentinels to pass.

However, once they have proven themselves worthy, heroes can enjoy the greatest reward anyone can conceive: the Fateforge will grant them a wish. A wish so tremendously potent that it can accomplish unimaginable feats, such as completely and definitely removing an otherwise incurable disease or eradicating an entire civilization. It can even turn someone into a god, and the divinities of Eana’s pantheon used to be mortals before the Fateforge imbued them with godhood, stripping them of their earthly limitations to turn them into something greater.

No one knows where the Maze and the Fateforge come from, but the prevalent theory is that they are both the product of the Travelers, who conceived them as tools to reality itself.

The Fate-chosen

The reach of the Fateforge, however, is not limited to its presence and to the intervention of outsiders. As its name indicates, it can shape the destiny of Eana, and many seemingly innocuous events are actually put into motion by the Forge, and later turn out to have far-reaching consequences.

But the most direct, most famous manifestation of its powers and influence are none else than the Fate-chosen, beings of exception blessed by Eternity and destined for greatness. No matter who they are or who they come form, a Fate-chosen will develop new abilities and acquire new knowledge at superhuman speeds, surpassing the most erudite of scholars and the most skilled of warriors in a matter of a few years, if not months.

In addition to their prodigious aptitudes, the Fate-chosen also seem to cheat death at every turn, whether due to prodigious resilience or to amazing luck, as if Eternity itself were watching over them and sparing them a premature end… And even should these heroes die before their apparent time, their lives will have nonetheless changed the course of history, for better or for worse.

This is what the players of Fateforge will be: no mere mortals, but individuals of exception with the power to alter the destiny of kingdoms, if not continents… if not worlds.

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