The very first printed copies!

juillet 06, 2019 Dragons 0 Comments

Last weekend, we were at the game festival « Paris est Ludique » in Paris, France. So hot over there because of the heat wave but we have so much fun !

We received the very first printed copies of Fateforge books and it's so exciting! We received the visit on the booth of our friends who worked on Detroit: Become Human. Benjamin Diebling is author on Fateforge and helped me on the art direction. Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose are actors and are playing Vampire: The Mascarade on Geek & Sundry.

Bryan have done a nice post about this moment on his twitter :

Grimoire, Red dragon edition and a copy of the french version bottom right! On top, you can see the game master screen.

The Metal die included in the King Dragon of Ajagar reward! Are you part of the Connor Army ?

You can follow Bryan on Twitter here, Amelia here and Ben here. Bryan has also a nice Twith channel. Nel is the creative director of Studio Agate and you can reach him here.

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