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Now that backers have received their packages, it's time for the new Shadows of Esteren books to hit the stores! 5 new items will be available in the stores from this Monday, April 25, 2022! Enjoy!


Fateforge is an epic, sword and sorcery roleplaying game using augmented rules of the 5th Edition of the most famous role-playing game of all time. Discover the universe of Eana and its many unique civilizations, find the lost portals of the Travelers, and ascend the stairs of the Fateforge.

This box set includes the FateforgeTetralogy (4 books : Adventurers, Grimoire, Creatures, Encyclopedia 1400 pages) with complete game rules, a bestiary, and a book of lore. It also includes essential game aids (game leader’s screen and maps) as well as 3 booklets of scenarios to start your adventures and au player's guide.

Retail Price : $199


Creatures is a collection of more than 200 monsters, animals, and characters compatible with the 5th edition of the most famous role- playing game. Half of its contents will surprise your players, putting a twist on fantasy classics; the other will bring them face to face with brand new creatures, both friends and foes. It presents encounters and dangers typical of lands ranging from urban areas to polar regions. If your campaign has Eana as its setting, you will learn more about the Free City, the Drakenbergen, the Septentrion, the evil frozen plane of Gemoniae, and Kaan.

Contents also include:
• Exclusive archetypes. Design one-of-a-kind monsters by using the 15 archetypes provi- ded, such as “rabid” or “ashen”!
• New playable species. Discover 6 new playable species, in- cluding the wise and formidable ulkani, the dreamer kobolds, the axe beak-riding goblins, and the pirate hobgoblins of Tili’s Gulf.
• Challenges for all levels. Seasoned adventurers can be pitted against antagonists as formidable as the elusive A Thousand Faces of the Free City, the immortal emperor of Kartaçöl, or the terrifying diabolical master of Gemoniae!
• Perils and Traps. Both the volcanoes of Askamor and the Septentrional winter will make short work of unwary adventurers! Discover a new type of threat suited to wild environments through more than 15 perils, including ash storms, avalanches, blizzards... and rules to design your own perils.

Retail Price : $50


The Creatures Box is a set of 16 pawn boards also including 20 bases. These pawns can be used for games set in the world of Eana or any other 5th Edition setting. They will especially hit urban, volcanic, and arctic environments, as well as an atmosphere of sword & sorcerv. In addition to creatures, some pawns are intended for the Player Characters, their familiar, mounts or animal companions.
Retail Price : $40


From the urban depths of the Free City to the frozen steppes of the Septentrion.

The Encyclopedia features four civilizations of the world of Eana, pre- senting their mysteries, history, and magical wonders:
• Free City. The largest city in the world and a thriving melting pot, the Free City is the perfect place for urban adventures. Notables, merchants, scholars and criminals coexist and strive to fulfill their ambitions. 
• Drakenbergen. The heart of Cyfandir, the Drakenbergen are a great mountainous land, well known by the dwarves who control the local trade routes, both on the surface and in the Netherworld. It is a country perfectly suited to the ex- ploration of lost ruins and valleys.
• Septentrion. A wild northern territory, the Septentrion is a tough region, full of secrets dating back to the ancient Boreal civilization. Unfortunately, the marauding frost giants and Askinos the Pain Drinker, a scheming diabolical hospodar, have the potential to turn these lands into hell!
• Kaan. Vast and contrasted, made of high mountains and endless steppes, stifling here, frozen there, Kaan is a constant call to courage and initiative. Merosi, orcs, goblins, bugbears, hobgoblins, ulkani, and humans have formed cosmopolitan societies, while great magical powers have grown in the shadows.

Retail Price : $50


This supplement for Fateforge features detailed maps of territories and cities in the regions of the Free City, the Drakenbergen, the Septentrion, and the Kaan. It can be used by game masters as well as players. Contents include:
• Maps of territories. Maps of four great regions of Eana: the Free City and its outskirts, the Drakenbergen, the Septentrion, and the Kaan. Each map is 11,7 × 16,5 in (29,7 × 42 cm), fully colored.
• Maps of cities. Fifteen maps present the great cities of these regions, showing important locations and landmarks. Each map is 11,7 × 16,5 in (29,7 × 42 cm), fully colored. You will discover among them the Free City, a cosmopolitan metropolis where many adventures begin; Dörtharo’s Lock, bastion of the guardian dwarves under the Drakenbergen, standing at the gates of the Netherworld; Easafir, the lavish and mysterious capital of Kartaçöl; and the cursed ruins of Mangulik, the ancient capital of Tamerakh the Conqueror. Each map also features the emblem of the city.
• Map folder. The maps are gathered in a dedicated folder.

Retail Price : $35

If you want to order these items, two solutions:
-You are a European store : contact us.
-You are an individual and want to buy online

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