Draconis: an interview with Chane!

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The Draconis role-playing game is incoming! To this occasion, we have put together several articles on Draconis' setting, its bright and pacifistic premise, and the campaign included in its first book!
But for greater insights into Draconis, we sought information from its creator herself: her history, her inspirations, and her part in the game's design. Chane was kind enough to give us an interview, and here are her answers ;)

Hello Chane, can you quickly run us through your history as an artist, for those who are not familiar with your work?

Chane: Of course!
As a child, I dreamed of having magical powers and of making the world "more beautiful". Of growing trees and flowers with a single gesture, of bettering the city I saw every day. It was very naive, but I think it was partly what later drew me to drawing. For lack of magic powers (though I'm still holding out hope), I turned to dreams and fantasy! My first projects were in a similar vein: I drew inspiration from real-life locations which I instilled with a smidge of magic.

Thus, in 2014, I published "Angkor", inspired by Angkor Vat, Cambodia, with its lush vegetation and ruins-strewn jungle. Then in 2016 came "i", a foray into the dark legends of medieval Switzerland. In 2017, I released "Draconis", then "Draconis: Sparks", which were immensely successful, gathering more than €200.000.


How was the Draconis project born, and why is it so important to you?

Chane: Thinking about it, Draconis was also born from this. I drew inspiration from real animals to create magical, dreamlike beings: dragons. Thus, all forms of life got "leveled up" (aside from humans)!

I started working on this bestiary in 2016, but 2017 was a taxing year (breakup, move, no driver's license...), and I launched this project on Ulule like one launches a distress call. I wasn't sure I could keep on living off my art. But it was incredibly successful, and served as a springboard. Following said success, I was able to pay my rent, get my driver's license... in short, it solved many of my issues!

I've remained attached to Draconis as well as to all the people who supported me when times were rough. For this reason, I'm especially committed to expanding on Draconis and sharing it around ♥

Can you tell us about Yoan and his part in the Draconis project?

Chane: When I started working on the second Draconis volume, I asked Yoan if he wanted to be involved. He was, and I guided him through his writing, since content creation for such a genre was a first for him! He enjoyed the experience, and got increasingly invested in shaping the setting. And since I'm so forgetful, you can say that today, he actually knows the books better than I do :D

Can you explain your process when creating a dragon?

Chane: That's a difficult question. I need to be inspired by an ambiance, an atmosphere. Kinda like someone sculpting clay, I shape my creature and reveal it. My line work is rarely very precise, since I don't hesitate to "make it up as I go". Once I've hit on something I like, I hang on to it and try to build something around it with ever more details, all the while seeking to keep hold of a little something that's alive.
The world of Draconis: Dreanke

In addition to being Draconis' main illustrator and writer, you also act as the project's art director. Can you tell us about how you're involved in this role-playing game?

Chane: This is my first experience as an Art Director. My role was to take a look at the artistic team's creations and to guide them, or even help them. Sometimes, it was just about correcting a perspective, or changing the look of a dragon so that it would match my illustrations. I remained rather closely involved, and readily got my hands dirty (with paint!) so as to best support my colleagues whenever something was complicated to convey through writing.

It was very interesting to see different creative processes and to see different visions of the setting. It was important for the whole to remain cohesive, but all these small variants, these idiosyncrasies of each illustrator are also part of the book's wealth of beauty ♥

Picture by Nicola B, an illustrator of the Studio who created many artworks for Draconis

Can you explain how a role-playing game project appealed to you, and what you hope its audience will find through it?

Chane: I've known Studio Agate for 7 years (initially as one of their illustrators), and when the Studio approached me three years ago to pitch the idea of a role-playing game based on my Draconis books, I thought it was an excellent idea. I love Agate's outlook and the quality of their books, so a joint project? Draconis was a good fit, with its multitude of colorful dragons and its still mostly unexplored setting. The Studio Agate team offered to put in a lot of work to bring together a densely packed universe with a wealth of content.

Also, it's a universe I love so much—why not share it around? Readers can make it their own, and experience their own adventures through it. When one reads a book, there's always a certain distance, but role-playing games break this boundary. Encountering my creatures, being creative about the possibilities offered by their magical abilities, being moved by beautiful stories... It's a legacy I pass on to all persons of goodwill, to those who supported me as well as to those who don't know me yet. I think it's super nice—very symbolic, in a way—and it means a lot to me.

I hope that those who read this book will be touched by a small spark of magic. No matter the destination, the journey is what matters.

Thank you Chane for answering all of these questions! See you on June 4! Don't forget to subscribe if you want to make sure not to miss the Kickstarter's launch :)

And if you have any questions, feel free to come to our Discord to ask!

See you very soon !


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