Draconis TTRPG: the Feel Good roleplaying game

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 Chane and Studio Agate are delighted to announce the creation of Draconis the role-playing game, a Feel Good RPG that celebrates wonder, initiation, imagination in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere!

Draconis is a game for all ages, from children and adults who want to discover role-playing, to experienced role-players looking for an optimistic, colorful and cheerful gaming experience.

Think of the stories full of sweetness and poetry of the Studio Ghibli universe, add a touch of emotion, humour and action sprinkled with a dreamlike atmosphere. Finally, imagine a huge world, with sumptuous landscapes, in which everything remains to be discovered, and you will have an idea of the adventures that await you in the universe of Dréankë... 

Draconis the role-playing game is based on the 5th edition and will be fully compatible with Fateforge's ruleset. The game was launched in French in March 2023, the third biggest success on Ulule for TTRPG!

A crowdfunding campaign for the English translation of the game will take place on Kickstarter in 2024. This campaign will allow us to fund a collector edition worthy of our ambitions, and to work on the next volumes of the line. To be notified at launch, subscribe to the Kickstarter page:

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Until then, check out the project on Draconis TTRPG's website here.


Who are we?

🔸 Chane is an illustrator with a fantastic, eerie and abundant universe. Thanks to her community, she successfully published five books ; her latest project was awarded the title of "1st most funded artbook on Ulule". She developed and produced her 'Draconis' dragon bestiary in 2017, now adapted into a TTRPG by the studio. To find out more about Chane, follow the link: https://chane-art.com/

🔸 Agate is a French independent studio specializing in world building, game design and transmedia. The studio publishes role-playing games in French and English that have won a dozen international awards, including Shadows of Esteren, the most awarded French RPG. We also translate and publish French licenses for major games (7th Sea, Brancalonia, Vampire: le Requiem, Iron Kingdoms...) and produce music with the Esteren label. To find out more about the studio: www.studio-agate.com.

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